ECL - Embedable Common Lisp

The ECL (Embeddable Common Lisp) is an implementation written in C. It's meant to enable a C programmer to incorporate a CL interpreter / compiler inside his own program. There are other CL implementations but they all seem to be separate executables, thus it would require linking from AutoCAD to an external program. This would be difficult in implementing for various environments such as 32bit / 64bit / OSX. Therefore ECL seems to be the closest match to what's intended.

Incorporate into an ARX

This would be the first step. Similar to the Using IronPython with AutoCAD implementation this might also be possible. The major difference would be to implement it through ObjectARX instead of DotNet. The reason for this is that DotNet is only available in the Windows environments. Unfortunately this also means that the implementation needs to be compiled for each environment in turn, as well as each version of AutoCAD. Therefore the source code needs to steer clear of OS / Version specific methods as far as possible, to make porting to other versions / environments a simple recompile exercise.