Common Lisp

In order to make AutoLisp into a full fledged CL implementation various extra features are needed. Some of these can be implemented direct in AutoLisp itself by simply creating a library of standard functions, though some features are impossible to recreate with the normal AutoLisp functionality.

Firstly we'll need a benchmark base to which the library needs to comply.


Common Lisp is an ANSI standardized dialect of lisp. It's been chosen as a benchmark for the AutoLisp Extensions for various reasons. Thus its HyperSpec is used as the source for all the added functionality which alisp-ext is supposed to implement.

The following pages relate to various Common Lisp libraries. They are structured in a manner similar to the Common Lisp HyperSpec in order to match as close as possible.

  1. Introduction
  2. Syntax
  3. Evaluation and Compilation
  4. Types and Classes
  5. Data and Control Flow
  6. Iteration
  7. Objects
  8. Structures
  9. Conditions
  10. Symbols
  11. Packages
  12. Numbers
  13. Characters
  14. Conses
  15. Arrays
  16. Strings
  17. Sequences
  18. Hash Tables
  19. Filenames
  20. Files
  21. Streams
  22. Printer
  23. Reader
  24. System Construction
  25. Environment
  26. Glossary
  • Appendix
  • Copyright and Legal Notices
  • Credits

Implemented in AutoLisp

These are the functions / features which can be implemented in AutoLisp.

Outside of AutoLisp

These functions / features need to be implemented using some other external product. Probably ObjectARX or DotNet would be required to implement these.